Santa's Knights

Our Mission

What better way to combine children's dreams than with knights and Christmas?

Letters to Santa, gifts, and events

Children write letters to Santa that will be funded by Santa’s Knights’ friends, family, and any willing donors. These gifts will then be given to the children, in person, by armored knights (that represent a nationally recognized NYC team of medieval sport combat, the Armored Combat League of NYC)

Martial arts community and classes

Through either the gift-giving events, or other events, introducing the children and their families to the martial arts community as participants in martial arts classes, martial arts mentorship, or as fans/spectators of the Armored Combat League in NYC

Christmas Expeditionary Force

Bringing Christmas to children-in-need, to those that request it, at any time of year. If Christmas is their favorite experience, and they are currently in short/long-term hospital care, home-bound, etc., Santa’s Knights can bring Christmas to them

Santa's Knights

Current year progress
Santa and his knights need you!

As you can see from the bullets, below, and their respective completions, this is going to be a busy year for Santa's Knights as we continue to grow in our effort and ability to serve the communities of Harlem. We continue to need help with fundraising for the gifts for the children come Christmastime, but we also can use help with our fundraising efforts in getting the equipment for the children's free martial arts classes that will begin this year. Relationship-building with other non-profits, hospitals, housing complexes, and the Harlem community is very helpful as well, so we can grow in our capacity and reach. If there is any way that you would like to get involved, please reach out - we could always use the help, whether through financial donations, or through the donation of your time and expertise. Thank you for your interest and involvement with Santa's Knights! 2019 will be a great year of impact!

  • Gathering letters to Santa and fundraising for the gifts

    Currently, Santa's Knights adopts one entire building of children in AK Houses in Harlem, and we are looking to adopt 1-2 more buildings this year. We have also adopted classes from Association to Benefit Children (ABC). As we are beginning a relationship with a community center in NYC, new groups of children could be added, as well. We plan to serve a few hundred children with presents this year, in addition to the children that will be involved with classes and events.

  • Free martial arts classes for the community

    Santa's Knights has been working on forging a relationbship with a large non-profit that runs community centers in NYC. The goal is to be able to utilize the community centers to be able to provide free martial arts classes for the Harlem community. The goal is to have the classes launched by the summer of 2019.

  • Bringing Christmas to children in hospitals, etc.

    A new focus for Santa's Knights this year, and going forward, is bringing Christmas to hospital- and home-bound children. When a child in a hospital or a child that is homebound declares Christmas as their favorite experience, Santa's Knights will bring them Christmas (like how children who love Batman have Batman visit them in the hospital). We have begun to forge a relationship with a hospital in NYC, and hope to create relationships with other hospitals and individuals, as well (as it is not only limited to hospitals).

The Founder

Founding this gift-giving, individually-transformative, community-serving effort, Damion knows it is all about the children and the knights. He just helps with the coordination of it all!
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Damion DiGrazia

Damion is a community builder, and in Santa’s Knights, he has found a unique, fulfilling way to bring together people to have a unique impact in individuals’ lives and the communities that they are part of.

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