About Us

July 2, 2016

Santa’s Knights is now in its fourth year, and it has three main focuses, all of which are centered around underprivileged children in the Harlem area of NYC:

  1. Answering letters to Santa with gifts and events around Christmastime
    • Children write letters to Santa that will be funded by Santa’s Knights’ friends, family, and any willing donors. These gifts will then be given to the children, in person, by armored knights (that represent a nationally recognized NYC team of medieval sport combat, the Armored Combat League of NYC)
  2. Through either the gift-giving events, or other events, introducing the children and their families to the martial arts community as participants in martial arts classes, martial arts mentorship, or as fans/spectators of the Armored Combat League in NYC
    • The martial arts experience is currently, mainly centered around the ACL’s form of martial arts – but other martial arts are worked into the curriculum, as well. In the future, Santa’s Knights also welcomes the participation of other martial arts forms, instructors, and communities
  3. Bringing Christmas to children-in-need, to those that request it, at any time of year
    • If Christmas is their favorite experience, and they are currently in short/long-term hospital care, home-bound, etc., Santa’s Knights can bring Christmas to them

A gift by itself provides a temporary boost in a child’s life, but the participation and exposure to the martial arts community, and the ACL, is a permanent/transformative gift. In NYC, we are involved with housing complexes’ administrations and non-profit organizations, and we plan to impact a few hundred children this year, if not more, by accomplishing the ongoing mission bullets listed above.

Santa’s Knights is an official 100% public charity, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is also registered as tax-exempt in the state of NY. 100% of donations will go towards gifts and activities for the children.